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Cameron and Trisha McManus

We are Cameron and Trisha McManus, a husband and wife in love with the Lord. When our son was born in 2019, we found ourselves telling him Bible stories and Saint stories before bedtime. One day, admiring how Cameron told the stories, Trisha turned to him and said that he should really get them down on paper. After trying to find an illustrator to no avail, Trisha decided to give drawing a shot and CamKam books was born!

Working together to bring these these published projects to you is our dream come true. We write these books, prayer cards, and more to help keep the faith alive for families. 

Our first book Nicholas the Giver sold around 350 copies. The second book, Valentine the Loving was our first ever book on Amazon. Our third book is George the Dragon Slayer. 

Our books can be purchased on and All our other products can be purchased on this site and we will ship them with love oursleves. 

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